Merlinos' Belvedere Restaurant 


Cathie and I want to express our gratitude to all of our customers for your 67+ years of support.  We now have To- Go orders available for pick-up or freight delivery.  Many items require advance ordering, so please keep that in mind.  Simply give us your information and we will research the best total cost deals for you.  This includes researching the lowest cost shipping options.

Help us keep this service available by telling your friends, liking us on Facebook, and checking back often for new products.  You can also be added to our email list by sending your information to (we do not share your information).

Blessings to all,

Mike Merlino


Merlinos' To Go Order Options

Sauces and Dressings

Dry Dressing Per Package $7.25
Traditional Belvedere Dressing Pint $7.75
  1 Quart $13.50
  5 Quart $67.50
  4 Gallons $172.80
Red Sauce 1 Quart $8.35
  5 Quarts $41.75
  4 Gallons $167.00
*Wine Sauce Coming Soon  


*Spumoni Ice Cream Coming Soon  


Blue Cheese Per Pound $8.00
Pecorino, Romano Cheese Per Pound $9.85   (grated)


Raw Sausage Per Pound $6.00   (frozen) 
Raw Spicy Sausage 5 lbs (10 day advance order) $36.00 (frozen)
*Meatballs Coming Soon  

* Pasta

Coming Soon

Spaghetti Full Order $5.00   (frozen)
Cavatelli Full Order $6.00   (frozen)

*Full Meals

Coming Soon

(All meals serve 5 people)    
Spaghetti w/meatballs or sausage    
Cavatelli w/meatballs or sausage    


Please contact us by Email or Call (719) 275-5558

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5.4% Sales Tax will be added to all orders as well as the Shipping and Handling charge.